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Imperial Bird Netting Imperial Bird Netting

Imperial Netting offers complete bird netting systems to efficiently and economically exclude pest birds from all types of objects, openings and structures. To provide a solid foundation, Imperial offers a full line of bird netting installation hardware and accessories.

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Imperial Bird Spikes Imperial Bird Spikes

Imperial Netting bird spikes are of the highest-grade stainless steel with a dense strong plastic base to support and insure once installed a complete pigeon proof area.

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Bird Netting & Bird Spikes Introduction

Imperial Netting has been supplying bird control products for over 20 years, supplying the industry leaders with high-density polyethylene netting. Imperial bird netting is seamless, UV, flame, abrasion and rot resistant. Imperial bird netting is available in three colors: black, white and stone and is also available in three different sizes: 3/4 inch, 1&1/8 inch, and 2 inches which will insure complete satisfaction with you bird control project.

Imperial Netting bird spikes are of the highest grade stainless steel with a dense, strong, plastic base to support and insure that once installed, it will provide a complete pigeon-proof area. Applying the caulking to the wide, dense plastic base allows a great support that enables the stainless steel spikes to stand strong and wide for a very complete coverage.

There are many spikes in the market, but unlike Imperial Netting bird spikes they either do not have enough stainless steel spikes per inch, which does not provide the correct spacing between each individual spike, or they have way too many stainless steel spikes, which after a few years of installation, actually end up providing a comfortable surface for birds to stand on.

Imperial Netting spikes are absolutely second to none. The bird spikes are stainless steel to insure complete satisfaction, a dense plastic wide base giving your installation a strong base support and strong stainless steel spikes that are spaced to prevent and cover the widest area with the least amount of spikes.

Imperial Netting bird spikes come in two-foot lengths. The advantage of having two-foot lengths is that it allows for easier and faster installation because it makes it possible to install the bird spikes in areas that are normally unreachable.

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