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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m not sure how big a pigeon control problem I have. All I can see is a build-up of pigeon droppings on the ground.  

A. Look up at the building above. If you do this at dusk, you should see all the pigeons on the various ledges that will need an anti pigeon device. 


Q. Is bird pest control and pigeon pest control legal? Does the bird barrier spike injure the birds?  

A. Installing pigeon spikes on your property is perfectly legal and humane. In fact, the Humane Society of the United States recommends spikes as one of the solutions to an unwanted pest pigeon on your ledge. The spikes do not hurt the birds; they simply prevent them from landing. 


Q. How do you sell spikes? What length are they? 

A. Each spike strip is 2 feet in length. The bird spikes are sold in boxes of 50 Sq. feet.


Q. What do ‘bird proofing’ and ‘pigeon proofing’ mean? 

A. The installation of mechanical systems to prevent birds and pigeons from roosting. 


Q. How long will it take for my pigeon spikes to arrive?  

A. We use Purolator, delivery usually takes 3-4 business days. 


Q. I don’t see the answer to a question I have. What should I do? 

A. Click here to ask us a pigeon control question.